Our Academic Programs

Our unique school program is one of the ways that we bring young people together and invest in a generation of future leaders.


Central to the Kindergarten Curriculum is the child who is envisioned to be prepared for life. It is anchored on the developmental practices and leading early childhood education principles and approaches. Teaching-learning activities are mostly play-based...

Lower School

In the Lower School (Grades 1-3), focus on building the foundations for academic mastery begins. A multi-sensory approach is used at each grade level to accommodate all types of learners. Students are actively involved in thinking skills, problem-solving strategies...

Middle School

The Middle School years (Grades 4-6) are focused on challenging young people, building their confidence and preparing them for the rigorous demands of high school. The school employs the Dynamic Learning Program (DLP) in the delivery of its curriculum...

Junior High School

In Junior High School, the goal of academic proficiency exists side-by-side with the humane practice of mutual caring, respect for the dignity of every individual, and the nurturing of each person's self-esteem. We begin with high expectations for all of our students...

Senior High School

The program for Senior High School consists of a core curriculum that prepares students for college and career pathways for employment or engaging in a profitable enterprise after high school. In Grade 11, the student will spend more time studying core...